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X dating blogspot

Still, the selection is poor for any divorcee, ne'er married Gen X'er who kept his/her powder dry, Gen X'ers who maintained their physique, or anybody of Gen X who is in the dating market.Gen X's dating problem is further encumbered by an age paradox.It was a corrupt system and one where nobody with any talent can excel.

They may also need to entertain the possibility of just being single forever or that their standards are just too high.Plus the internet has obsoleted millions of baby boomers, allowing true talent to bypass them, no longer dependent on their brick and mortar monopolies, and allowing a more meritocratic labor force and economy.But the dating rat race has only gotten worse, and for the benefit of any Gen X'ers unfortunate enough to be stuck in it, lend me your ears.Because you can only make more mistakes as time goes on, that means an ever-decreasing percentage of your generation is dateable.An obvious solution would be to date younger, finding people who haven't made your mistakes...there is a problem in dating younger - they're not mature enough and thus not mentally compatible.

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The total economic cost in terms of time, resources, effort, and sanity just wasn't worth it anymore.