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So to bring that back without thinking about how the market had changed and how all of us had changed, and without thinking what the need was, it was just really disingenuous.”The Lilith Fair kerfuffle eventually wound up causing Mc Lachlan to split with her home of 20 years, Nettwerk Records, and part ways with her longtime manager, Terry Mc Bride. She’s even got herself a new beau, former NHLer Geoff Courtnall, which might explain some of the lovestruck content on the record.

Indeed, Mc Lachlan went into writing for the LP with the express intent of doing something “a little more positive” and avoiding falling back into “here’s another breakup song.”“I always struggle with lyrics. But I feel this is the most direct I’ve been lyrically,” she says.

For instance, she does not say, "I'm very lucky," but rather, "Don't think I don't count the horseshoes on my ass daily."Demure she is not.

"There's almost a certain part of her that rebels against nice manners," says Kharen Hill, a friend of Mc Lachlan's for eleven years.

They have all come here tonight — head long out of some dream she might have had as an awkward adolescent, a late bloomer who still had baby teeth at fifteen.

It is a surprise party for Mc Lachlan's thirtieth birthday, and we are at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, celebrating.

“All those young women who came to the shows from ’97 to ’99 now have jobs and kids and cannot spend a whole day out in a hot field watching music, as much as they’d like to, for 0 or whatever it cost.

The market changed, and also the desire and the need for something like that. All these great female artists were being undervalued and we all came together and we created this beautiful thing that had its own momentum, and it was really timely and really powerful because of that. and Universal Music Canada at home, and one gets the feeling from both the optimism of Shine On — which officially gets released Tuesday — and Mc Lachlan’s general good mood these days that she’s enjoying a bit of a fresh start.

In 1993, she appeared on albums by Blue Rodeo as a guest vocalist.She did a song “Ordinary Miracle” for the film Charlotte’s Web in the year 2006.Along with Imogen Heap, Natalie Imbruglia, Nadirah X, and others she sang for Dave Stewart's Go Green in the year 2007.It's no wonder Mc Lachlan considers her twenty-ninth year the best of her life thus far."This all goes back to being twelve years old and so wanting people to accept me and lime me," says Mc Lachlan of life today. I get to go up onstage and have all this adultation. Her look is designer flower child — Stevie Nicks with an eye on the fashion runways — but in person, Sarah Mc Lachlan doesn't play the part.Perhaps it is because she doesn't bother to hide her business savvy.

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Or because her favorite pastime is burping louder than anyone else in the room.

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  1. THE DIRTY ARMY: This b1tch absolutely LOVES throwing herself at other girls boyfriends, and if it’s a married man she tries even harder. She had a brief period where she was starting to look cute and then she botched herself. She used to look like such a wholesome girl who went to school and studied hair or something.