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They were both independent people, and Natalie was always powerful and capricious woman.

Any free time Allen devoted to sport: boxing and cycling.After basic training Alain Delon sent to serve in Indochina, where fighting has been constant. Allen worked as a courier by day and in the evening a waiter, and began probyvat actor.Army service is not developed in the Alain Delon sense of discipline, and demoted him thrice raised in rank. It would seem that luck met Alain Delon in a cafe: Gary Wilson, "catcher talents" of Hollywood, drew attention to the young man who served with grace his table.In this case, Allen and Natalie decided as long as possible to inform his son about their divorce.The three of them were celebrating birthdays, holidays, and often spent time together.

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Directed by Jacques Dere, from film "Swimming Pool", the female lead would only see Romy Schneider.

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