Who is alain delon dating

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Who is alain delon dating

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider left for Europe to take in the film.Alain Delon, becoming a movie star for five years, while continuing popularity among women, was lukewarm about Romy Schneider.On his sixteen young Allen got a job to the butcher.Any free time Allen devoted to sport: boxing and cycling.

Their relationship ended in a secret wedding August 13, 1964 in a small village in Spain, when the bride was pregnant. S., where Delon simultaneously starred in two films. Born son named Natalie Allen and Anthony, their joint marriage lasted four years.

After filming the movie Romy Schneider said: "I prayed to the Lord. I knew what I was doing something terrible, but I could not resist.

Delon revived me to the life that I wanted to leave, to return to the work he loves ..." During the shooting of the film "Swimming Pool" they easily communicate with each other, like good old friends.

On service Alain Delon does not like to remember: "The war had created me horrible, she killed me and scraps remaining illusions of hope.'s Where I ceased to be a child forever. Allen in broken English talked to Gary, who has promised to sign him if Allen finished learning English in three months.

Of course, Gary Wilson did not wait for three months and left France, leaving Alain Delon his card.

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