What is white label dating

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What is white label dating

Adding Intercom was swift and simple, immediately enabling White Label Dating to reach users on desktop and mobile web.Whether promotional campaigns, surveys, or encouraging actions like adding photos and profile information, it was clear Intercom could transform the website experience into a powerful customer engagement channel.“We had robust email campaigns operating throughout the customer lifecycle,” recalls Harry Lloyd, Head of Customer Engagement.Though inevitably, White Label Dating came up against a number of challenges including growing customer opt-out, deliverability issues, and getting lost in a customer's inbox.

Everything from age, gender, location, membership level, and visit frequency inform the content, timing, and audience of their in-app messages.

White Label Dating relies on strong customer lifetime value (LTV) to keep the business growing and profitable.

To improve customer LTV, they run ongoing promotional campaigns that encourage membership upgrades throughout the customer lifecycle.

With 100's of niches, you can create a dating site tailored to your traffic sources.

White Label Dating provides a high-converting platform, database, billing, customer care and more, with zero set-up costs.

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