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Vocaloid dating sim game

so long time I have found at last at long last, at least one for now a Voca Sim.

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You pull away, but your lips are still connected by a strand of saliva. This is just an announcement for a new game called “A Vocaloid Dream”You play as yourself (or anyone really) as you date 3 boys (More in future updates, maybe even a Miku/Luka/Rin) and surprise! After Highschool you follow your girlfriend Miku Hatsune to the High Performance Music College named VCU (Vocaloid City University), but you broke up and your goal is to make her take you back, but it won't be easy! May 07, 2015 • 31,813 words • After your chaotic relationship with Haku, you are ready to move on and stay single for a while...Within minutes, huge streams of paparazzi are going by. You try your best to hold in your fangirlish shriek. You blush a bit, embarrassed that you didn't bring more cash, but Len shakes his head. Without you realizing it, your lips have grown close. Your secret crush since you first discovered Vocaloid just asked you out on a date!

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This is my first successful visual novel, I did not make any art, I just edited art I found on images into pngs suitable for this game.