Updating clob column

Posted by / 18-Jul-2017 10:14

Updating clob column

I’ve got a table with a single CLOB column holding a single row.

But the LOBINDEX is protected by undo in the standard fashion, so if another long-running query that started before our update needs to see the old version of the LOB it will create a read-consistent copy of the relevant – which means that from its perspective the index will automatically be pointing to the correct LOB chunk.This is where the (notionally invisible and you don’t need to know about it) LOBINDEX comes into play.Oracle maintains an index keyed by (LOB_ID, chunk_number) *** pointing to all the chunks of a LOB in order, so when you update a single chunk Oracle simply creates an updated copy of the chunk and changes the appropriate index entry to point to the new chunk.So here’s the clever bit – how big will the LOBSEGMENT grow when I update that one CLOB ?It’s common knowledge (to users of LOBs) that the undo mechanism Oracle has for LOBs is simply to leave the old LOB in place and create a new one – so the intial response to the question might be to guess that the LOBSEGMENT will grow to roughly double the size.

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alter table t add y_copy varchar2(4000); update t set y_copy = y; update t set y = null; commit; alter table t modify y long; alter table t modify y clob; update t set y = y_copy; alter table t drop column y_copy; You need to have a commit after "update t set y = y_copy;" Otherwise you loose all the data, because the next statement drops the column and you will never able to recover.

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