Updating a light fixture in a bathroom Edmonton ab mature sex dating

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Updating a light fixture in a bathroom

Although they give off a great amount of light they aren’t what I would call elegant or stylish!

When trying to achieve the look of the following bathrooms you can imagine how the “hollywood light” would get in the way of getting the same look!

Then take off the wire nuts and untwist the wires from each other. My electrician used a hole saw attachment on his drill.

You can see in the picture below on the left that the wires from the wall are no longer connected to the wires from the light fixture. You could also trace around your junction box and then cut the circle out with a drywall utility saw.

Not having much experience with electrical work and not having any in-depth tutorials available I reluctantly decided we would have to hire out.

So after putting it off for a year or so we finally recently hired an electrician to do it.

And you are going to have to patch the middle hole where the original hollywood light was anyway.

Above the big old messed up builder grade mirror in our master bathroom hung this not so messed up chrome vanity light: I actually kind of like the shape of it…has some art deco-esque kind of waviness going on at the edges that sets it apart from most examples of builder grade vanity lights.In my defense, I did stop and check Amazon while I was at the store, hoping to find a cheaper option.The best deal I could find was this pack of six (affiliate link) for plus .50 shipping. Here’s the part where you can learn from my mistakes. Later on, after opening all eight of my new, overpriced bulbs and putting them in my champagne mist light fixture, I did a little more googling.Also, affiliates links of supplies used for this project are included in this post for your convenience.:-) How To Replace a Hollywood Light with Two Vanity Lights 1. Tip: Plug sink holes so loose screws and other debris won’t fall in.(Optional) Remove your mirror(s) and use painters tape to mark where the top and center of the mirror resides so you can center your lights. Remove the Hollywood light by taking the bulbs out and then unscrewing the sockets they were in (as seen below).

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What’s that quote from about how long you can make it without a rationalization? Okay, so we took this down when we painted the wall, and I hauled it down the garage (because it won’t stop raining lately), scrubbed it down, and painted it with Rustoleum’s Champagne Mist.