Updating a light fixture in a bathroom

Posted by / 23-Feb-2018 18:25

You can see it in these pictures, and I’ll give you a better look at it and talk about it more in yet another bathroom post (on a roll! In homes built across America the builder-basic bathroom vanity light consists of a light coined, the “hollywood light”.

So it’s not really on the same level of energy consumption as some hipster restaurant in Manhattan running these bulbs 8 hours a day.

As I mentioned, there are two other light fixtures in the room (and 2 big windows).

I first got the idea to paint it and add Edison style bulbs nearly a year ago, and, at the time, I thought to myself, “I bet I’m not the first person to come up with this idea.” And, sure enough, I googled and found that the fabulous Shavonda from A Home Full of Color had already done this. So I didn’t get to be original, but I did get to proceed (uhh, eleven months later) secure in the knowledge that someone else had done this and had it turn out great. I was a little conflicted about this project because 1. they use up a ton of energy and aren’t the most environmentally friendly option in the world. As to objection #2, my rationalization is that we really don’t use this light much at all.

But I guess maybe it is, because I was willing to pay that, so apparently the market supports charging three times as much as another company for cool light bulbs because of suckers like me and isn’t that what capitalism is all about? Before I show you 100 more pictures of my cool new hipster light bulbs, I should mention that, as you can see, we picked a black paint for the bathroom wall and then….well, painted it.

We went with Benjamin Moore’s Jet Black, and I’m pretty much in love.

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What’s that quote from about how long you can make it without a rationalization? Okay, so we took this down when we painted the wall, and I hauled it down the garage (because it won’t stop raining lately), scrubbed it down, and painted it with Rustoleum’s Champagne Mist.