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Tips dating professional athletes

Are the few advantages really worth all the sacrifices?I have no regrets when it comes to who I chose to spend my life with, our relationship, or the experiences we've had living overseas as newlyweds.When you're married to a professional athlete, the sport literally impacts every single aspect of your lives.

Without friends or family here, I've gotten to know myself better than I ever thought possible and watched more TV series from start to finish than a normal person would watch in a year.On top of that, because he plans to play for at least another 10 years, he would miss a great deal of his child's life with his constant traveling.Plus, if he were still playing overseas when our child reached school age, we would have to determine whether or not to enroll our little one in an international school abroad or spend months at a time separated so that I could remain at home and he or she could attend school in the states while my husband spent the basketball season alone in another country.But, in this lifestyle, sometimes I feel like I live for the summertime.We got to Japan in November, and although we really like it here, we've been counting down to our return home since our arrival.

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