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You can learn more about this effort and also sign this online petition.

For now, it's largely up to dating service users to protect themselves: Don't assume you're safe just because you trust the company or brand.

Among the more sophisticated verification methods, Brooks says, is the principle of social authentication — in which profile information is matched with data from the user's social media accounts to better verify that the person is real.Since the dating service might not be doing that for you, do it yourself: Run image searches of profile photos at images.or Tin, and paste suspicious text into search engines to see if it's been used elsewhere.The other victims of romance scams: men and women whose images have been stolen to create fake profiles.He wants the services to be more proactive about contacting likely victims: After a user has been flagged as a potential scammer, the site could reach out to any members that user had contacted, disrupting the con at its infancy.Industry critics cite other methods to weed out fraudsters, such as screening for images or text repeated in multiple profiles or blocking accounts from IP addresses that don't match the profile's listed location.

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