Sophos server not updating

Posted by / 22-Sep-2017 04:20

All systems in the stake are on high speed DSL and the Internet is fine.We're also able to ping the server address successfully.Has anyone else had issues over the past day with Sophos not updating?Yesterday I had two computers at the stake that showed the red "x" on the shield indicating that it had failed the update.

I've had this happen, usually because either you have a lot of computers to update at once, which is rare in clerk settings, or because of some hiccup in the DSL service however brief, breaking the connection during the update.

I'm wondering if something is preventing the software from upgrading and and IDEs have timed out.

Sorry, but the only admin machine I have on broadband is in a place I can't always get to.

Unfortunately, I didn't write down the server address and I won't be able to get back to the computer until next Sunday.

Since apparently this problem is not affecting everyone, perhaps one of the update servers is down, or alternatively, it is possible that incorrect configuration information may have been pushed out to some clients.

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I can understand why you might reach that conclusion, but if it were a problem with the server itself, many other people would see the same issue.