Sex chat with mother

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Sex chat with mother

I guess she had grown to trust me because she told me they reminded her of her son.

She told me that what first attracted her to me was my handle.

When I wanted to snuggle in her breasts, when we hugged, she would pull me away can call me a "naughty boy" (with a sly smile), for example.

When I would do something nice for her she would say things like "how she wished she had a man like me".

I would also make suggestions and give her story ideas, which she would love.

Our weird relationship developed this way over a few months without her ever suspecting me.

She could not even enjoy masturbating unless she was indulging in this fantasy.

Without realizing it, she started to eventually tease me.

She even started to teach me to ballroom dance inspired by a suggestion from Momma's Boy.

During this time my mother would tell her Internet son how her urges dominated more and more of her thinking.

In one I would write a lot mother son fantasies that I would submit to incest magazines or to adult sites on the web… In some I would rape her or blackmail her into having sex.

In some she would tie me up and sexually torture me until I became her sex slave.

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She had naturally large full breasts that could not be played down.

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