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grandijlora, the latter represented by three varieties.

The complex has been construed as consisting of two oi mon distinci pi i including/' kriigii Chodat and P.

Corolla 13 mm long, the lower lip flaring, white to pink with purple spots. jlnnt Liiht grows well in a variety of soil types, wet and dr_\ h anhlkctions are known from the Florida Keys as well as from the Smoky Mountains.

Calyx tube bristly-hispid, 6-7 mm long, about twice as long as the acute lobes, often reddish above.

Calyx 3.5-4.5 mm long, the deltoid lobes 0.8-2 mm long, often ciliate, and short awned; calyx surface sometimes reddish, mostly glandular or hispid. Mericarps 1.7-2 mm long, reticulate to irregularly bumpy. A large-leafed variety seems re- stricted to the Ozark Mountains.

Inflorescence of 8 (or more ) - rlowered verticils, each with a pair of foliose bracts.

Su flow Zfperio^ lepends on ,;,;■';': Florida peninsula v n Vl, H, n: ate regions of the : state. Leaves 7-10 cm long, about 3.5 cm wide, dark green, short- petioled or sessile, with a rank odor when crushed; blades ovate to elliptic, apex acuminate, margins finely serrulate to crenate; leaf base rounded to slightly cordate; upper leaf surface canescent to scabrous, lower surface usually glandular-pubescent, the veins bristly. Flowering stems 8-15 cm cm tall, erect, unbranched or branched at the base: lower stem sides generally glabrous to pusticulate with crusty, swollen hairs, the upper stem sides glandular-pubescent to hispid; stem angles often reddish, usually hispid with jointed, retrorse trichomes; nodes lightly bearded. hispida as "the two extremes of a rather polymorphous species," segregating S. A probable pin lo - n\ | ( caption m.l i kc\ to m mix , of the complex are provided. krinu, (Chodat) Nauman Polygala grand/flora Walter which have been treated in a n (1893) recognized nine taxa, five species and at least four varieties, which may now be attributed to this complex. John Taylor and :)n of Mexican Erigeron Taxonomic relationships of 'Texas specimens of Digitaria ciliari and Digitaria bicornis (Poaceat Ru.nplc\ consists ,,l i sinyk spins with three inrraspccific taxa.

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