Richard aguililla discrete dating sites

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Richard aguililla discrete dating sites

Q I [N A CONTRIBUTIONS W I \Jf\ TO BOTANY Volume 9 1981 —1982 SIDA Contributi Copyright 1981, 1982 by Wm. Mahler SMU Herbarium Dallas, Texas 75275 DATES OF PUBLICATION No.

382-389 C I r\ A CONTRIBUTIONS W I \Jf\ TO BOTANY APRIL 1981 Polygala grandiflora (Polygalaceae) Walter re-examined.

lew combinations in Croptilon (Compositae-Astereae) Edwin B. distribution of Schoenolir : Texas and Oklahoma plants.

Mahler SMU Herbarium Dallas, Texas 75275 DATES OF PUBLICATION No.

Smith, who was dcscribim; a Huropean spec (Wilcox and Jones 1974). Calyx campanulate, short-pedicelled, the tube 3-^t mm long, the deltoid, acuminate, or spinulose lobes 2-3 mm long, often divergent in fruit, glabrous to hispid.

Such a d, with 9-12 pairs of axillary cymules, these usually 6-flowered; bran:: foliose, glabrous to hispid, reduced apically.

Mountain forests, bogs, slopes, and meadows, primarily of the Blue Ridge Mountains from West Virginia to western North Carolina. Epling (1934) treated this species as S, //////./////, a misapplied name (see Nelson and Fairey 1979). Calyx 3.5-4.5 mm long, the deltoid lobes 0.8-2 mm long, often ciliate, and short awned; calyx surface sometimes reddish, mostly glandular or hispid. Mericarps 1.7-2 mm long, reticulate to irregularly bumpy. A large-leafed variety seems re- stricted to the Ozark Mountains. Inflorescence of 8 (or more ) - rlowered verticils, each with a pair of foliose bracts. This t ,1 isotherm illustrated by Greller (1980, regio on , -m lm() (USF). Su flow Zfperio^ lepends on ,;,;■';': Florida peninsula v n Vl, H, n: ate regions of the : state.

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Shaded colonies are also frequent; I ha\e ^en se\eutl ol these populations, including ones in southwestern Virginia, in which the stems are spindlier and have a tendency to branch. latidens sensu Small varied somewhat in calyx lobe length. Since Florida is one of the most active states in the ornamental nursery trade, it is possible that nearly all of the collections of S, jloridcuut in the southeast could be traced, directly or indirectly, to Florida. visited to search for this species, 1 have found it.

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