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Profile stian dating

"Either he [Longo] was dead and a victim or he was a suspect.And chances are he was a suspect." The biggest manhunt in Oregon's Lincoln County history was under way. One month before the murders, he'd casually written down the credit card number of a Starbucks customer. Before police could catch up with him, Longo would leave the country, and his old identity far behind to start a new life as Michael Finkel.

"Whether or not it actually saw the light of print, it was a great story."For Finkel, and the Oregon investigators, that story centered on one baffling question: How could a seemingly devoted family man become a cold-blooded killer?

Several weeks later, Finkel received a collect call from Longo, who agreed to meet with him in person.

After that meeting, Longo began writing a series of meticulously handwritten letters.

Thompson identified them both as Zachary and Sadie Longo."They were so young, you know. Police hunted for Longo, his wife, Mary Jane, and their baby, Madison.

Thompson told them she remembered a strange conversation she'd had with Longo the very day Zachary's body had been found."He made it a point to come up to me while I was working, and said, 'You won't be seeing the rest of the family.

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The mystery began in the quiet Oregon coastal county where Longo's wife and three children were last seen alive.

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