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Only some of the translations have audio clips to listen to.

Lastly, the part devoted to bars and clubs didn’t feel quite as in depth since part of that section is spent covering when the girl is at your place and bedroom Spanish.

He goes over how day game is different in Latin America compared to Europe or North America.Since it’s specifically geared to that it obviously isn’t as exhaustive as a full blown Spanish course like Pimsleur but it also costs less than the hundreds of dollars you’d spend for that.I like the balance between the translations and tips, recommendations and advice he provides. Things I was less impressed with were some typos; not in his translations but in his writing.The last section gives advice and translations for bars and clubs along with getting her back to your place (or hers) before moving things into the bedroom.His advice includes how to find the types of bars and clubs where you will be most successful, approaching in bars and clubs and getting the girl’s companions on your side.

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It was the summer of 2015 that I read a post of Facebook on a brethren group’s page of a lady in her 30’s who was being told that she should accept the fact that it was not the Lord’s will for her to be married.

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