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So, the method to get the column names looked like the following: The method checks to make sure the data being sent isn’t blank or null by executing the ‘Is Field Null’ method.This method uses the ‘Extract Values From Cell’ method to grab values from the Details View control.So, the method in the code behind page would look like something like this: However, decrypting the data using a templatefield tag posed another problem, extracting new values from the ‘Text Box1’ control.This will be solved when calling the Item Updating event.Here is a snippet of the open tag for the Details View (Data Source="sds First View): SELECT ' GMManager' = CASE WHEN [GMManager] IN ( ' Unknown', ' Pam Barnett', ' Dave Favero', ' Bob Hare', ' Ken Richards', ' Doug Wagner' ) THEN [GMManager] ELSE ' Unknown' END FROM [Facility] f WHERE f.facilityid = @facilityid ' attribute and just set the value in the Data Bound method, it works.Only, this isn't going to work because we have functionality in the App that Tracks changes and is dependent on Bound fields... [duplicate] Loss of session and application ended randomly? How to remove windows mail signature while charm sharing in windows 8 xaml? " "; Here was another post that helped me that had some explanations. How to intercept and record or modify signals between hardware and software Export Listview to Excel (troubleshoot) How to share same address for multiple endpoints How to Inherit from Generic Parent How do I keep a text file under maximum size limit?

Instead when setting the Update Parameters in the codebehind, the control will update the database with the parameter names entered.After setting the Details View’s Item Updating method, you will need to modify the SQL Data Source’s Update Command, Update Command Type, and Update Parameters.The legacy code in the SQL data source used a update statement with parameters.For example ‘@Parameter’, will be sent in the update to the record instead of null.To solve this, you would need to automatically detect whether a value is null and then add it to the Update Parameters list.

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I'm trying to Bind the Selected Value of a Drop Down List to a specific field in a datasource being used by a Details View.

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