Onitemupdating detailsview who is cazwell dating

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Onitemupdating detailsview

I never noticed your post where you said you fixed the issue.I was a little distracted while I was putting my reply together. On a side note, I thought you wanted the value for the current record. You would need to create a second datasource to bind to the DDL to get all of the needed values, and then set the Selected Value the way you were originally.This post has been edited by keak The GEEK: 24 February 2010 - PM That almost works!And is essentially what I wanted, but, the only problem with that is when you click on edit and try to select a different item from the dropdownlist there isn't anything else in the list to select. The way I ended up fixing it (for anyone else whom might come across this same issue) was to remove the value="" attribute from the lol. [duplicate] Loss of session and application ended randomly? How to remove windows mail signature while charm sharing in windows 8 xaml?

On top of that, the table being updated had over 50 columns, so typing in 50 lines just to initialize the parameters was required, but I decided to do something else instead.

The parameters being sent to the stored procedure were identically named to the column names.

Using this protocol, I decided to simply grab all the field names, which were identical to the column names and add the ‘@’ character next during initialization.

I've attempted to handle this in the query that I created for the datasource command, but that isn't working either (still crashes).

Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of alternative/overrides for the bind method?

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I'm trying to Bind the Selected Value of a Drop Down List to a specific field in a datasource being used by a Details View.

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