Niall horan confirms dating demi lovato apolo anton ohno dating

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Niall horan confirms dating demi lovato

'Lounging on his sofa, Niall added: 'As I've said many times, we’d be stupid not to' regarding the pending formation of One Direction.

Having been created on Britain's X Factor in 2010, he openly said: 'It changed our lives, it was the biggest part of our lives.'The boy band also consists of Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik (who announced his departure in 2015).

And despite the band going on a hiatus in 2015, Niall Horan is confident of a reunion soon.

Appearing on Nova's Smallzy Surgery on Tuesday, the Irish singer, 23, revealed with confidence: 'It will definitely happen, of course!

'We just put it out to kind of let people know that I was actually doing something... but the reaction to it has been insane,' he said with a grin.

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That's someone who reads really deeply into everything.

''Yeah, still single,' he confirmed, before being asked what the most romantic thing he's done for a woman was.'Have you ever taken anyone on a private jet... 'He added: 'No I live quite the simple life actually.'In 2015, the One Direction singer-turned-solo-star briefly dated Sydney-based personal trainer Melissa Whitelaw.

During his last trip to Australia, in June, he became embroiled in a bizarre relationship saga with Katy Perry.

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In case you’re wondering, you aren’t being tricked that Hollywood’s cutest young couple could remain inseparable forever.

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