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ACRS was formed by industry in 2000, using an internationally recognised model for steel certification established in UK 30 years ago.

ACRS is structured around the requirements of the international Standard for bodies operating product certification systems, ISO/IEC 17065.

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FEM updating allows FEMs to be tuned better to reflect measured data.

Our goal is simply to ensure that construction steels are quality-approved materials, meeting Australian and New Zealand Standards, and thereby maintaining confidence in infrastructure and building construction.

For further information, please see ACRS Marks of conformity.

All ACRS Certified Firms, and their scopes of approval are automatically included in the "Certificate Holders" section of this web site.

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Major construction clients, designers and contractors, worldwide, recognise and even specify ACRS and it's Product Certification Scheme to confirm the the technical competence of suppliers and gain assurance of consistent product quality.

An important point to emphasise is that ACRS is voluntary and inclusive of imported steel.

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ACRS currently certifies over 150 manufacturing locations, in 17 countries around the world, and has undertaken more than 1000 technical conformity assessments to AS/NZS steel Standards.

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