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Manufactring expiration dating policy

Together, through this effort, we can positively impact profitability by eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing efficiencies between our organizations. We send this acknowledgement on the next pick-up cycle from the electronic mailbox.

As always, we will work with you to achieve these results through a collaborative approach. IMPORTANT: If you do not receive an EDI functional acknowledgement confirming receipt of your order within 24 hours, please notify the EDI coordinator immediately.

There may be exceptions to this schedule during company functions and holidays.

We aim to do this by being the best at increasing our customers’ profits and sales through our expertise in sausage. We encourage all customers to be EDI-compliant with all transmissions, especially with the following transactions: • 855 - Order Placement • 810/880 - Invoice • 820 – Payment (EFT) Please be sure to include the following information when placing your order: • Your customer “ship to” address. Customers and brokers who place orders via EDI will receive a functional acknowledgement EDI transmission.Certification Retirement: The certification is no longer attainable for new candidates.If a candidate already holds it, it will remain valid until the expiration date of that certification.Valid certifications may be recertified indefinitely, but if not recertified before the “valid through” date listed on the certification, it is revoked.Exam Retirement: The exam may no longer be purchased or taken.

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If your order does not meet the minimum size, you will be asked to either: Johnsonville will accept orders from customers and brokers via electronic data interchange (EDI).