Live chat sexy girls came no carid card

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Live chat sexy girls came no carid card

"I think I'll just watch some TV." I told her ok I'll see you later don't wait up for me. Then around my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend came in.

" Mom: "everything." Sue: "ok give us details." Mom: "that's my son I don't think I should." Mary: "Ellen come on we've been friends forever you can tell us." Mom: "ok, he is huge." "Soft I would say about 6 inches.

They had moved the coffee table away from the couch. " Mom: "mmmmm yeah nice and big." Mary: "does this feel good bobby?

My mom was sitting on the end of the couch and Mary was in the middle with sue on the other side of the couch. Mary: "wow 8 1/2 inches." Mary then started stroking my cock while sue played with my balls. " "Oh yeah" was all I could muster as Mary and sue were working on my balls and cock. " "Oh yeah" Mary: "not yet we have plans for you" Then Mary slowed down stroking my cock and was now teasing it. "Oh god please let me cum" I Begged her but she had different plans for me.

" "Oh god yeah mom it's your cock." Mom: "that's a good boy." Sue: "oh god Ellen that is so hot you holding your sons cock and licking it." Mom: "are you ready to cum honey." "Oh god yeah, please make cum mom." Mom: "I like when you beg me." Then mom placed her mouth over my cock and started sucking it. Mom swallowed as much as she could then some dribbled out of her mouth.

" Sue: "come on bobby, don't you want to entertain us?

" "I don't know" Mom: "It's ok bobby you have nothing to be embarrassed about." Sue: "Let the show begin." I slowly started to lift my shirt off.

" "Yeah in the kitchen." Mary: "here go make us some more drinks and bring back that ruler." I went into the kitchen to make them more drinks.

I couldn't believe I was here naked in front of my mom and her friends.

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