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" "I found her cheating on me." Mary: "Really after what your mom told us I don't know why any girl would cheat on you." Mom: "Mary!" Mary: "Oh come on Ellen." "What did Mom tell you?" Sue: "come on bobby, don't you want to entertain us?" "I don't know" Mom: "It's ok bobby you have nothing to be embarrassed about." Sue: "Let the show begin." I slowly started to lift my shirt off.

I was living with my girlfriend and working nights. I drove home and spotted a red pickup in front of the house. I went to my mother's house the next day and told her what had happened. " Sue: "we are getting there" then she took a swig of her drink and they all started laughing." I went to the kitchen and put my beer in. " Mary: "were playing gin and getting drunk." "Sounds like fun count me in." We played a few hands and were getting a good buzz.

The ladies were really into it whistling and hollering. After I got my shirt off sue started rubbing her hand all over my chest.

Sue: "oh my god look at this chest mmmmm." Mary: "nice abs this is going to be fun thanks Ellen." Mom: "your welcome but it is going to get better trust me." Mary: "bobby stand up." I was hesitant to stand up because I was getting aroused.

And now we can have it whenever we want right honey?

" "Oh god yeah mom it's your cock." Mom: "that's a good boy." Sue: "oh god Ellen that is so hot you holding your sons cock and licking it." Mom: "are you ready to cum honey." "Oh god yeah, please make cum mom." Mom: "I like when you beg me." Then mom placed her mouth over my cock and started sucking it. Mom swallowed as much as she could then some dribbled out of her mouth.

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In any other situation I would have to think about it. " "Oh god yes" Mom stuck her tongue out and licked the pre cum off.