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Jiyong and sandara dating

❤ I like how casual this interview seemed and how the article was written.^^ I can just imagine the easy banter Dara and GD have! XD I remember the way Taeyang teased Dara too, even Seungri and Dae tease her a lot..Sandara Park revealed that they all expressed their satisfaction over the places in the Philippines that she recommended.In fact, G-Dragon who went to a restaurant that Sandara Park recommended told her, “,” giving a great review.I keep seeing comments about how idols don’t have the right to complain or feel sad because they’re “celebrities” who are “rich”. They’re not perfect, just like us, and that’s okay. They have their own thoughts, emotions, and feelings.While Park is the face of the Moonflash Cushion, which is used as a brightening base or highlighter, fellow YG label mate G-Dragon is the face of the Microfit Cushion, which is recommended for touch-ups.We put it to Park: Between her and G-Dragon, who’s prettier?

Affectionately known as “Dara”, the 31-year-old was in Singapore for the launch of cosmetics brand moonshot’s new products, the Microfit Cushion and the Moonflash Cushion, both available at Sephora.

They’re always under constant pressure to be “perfect” and that’s already hard enough on them.

They do NOT need any hateful/hurtful comments to read.

The idea that mental illnesses are not real needs to stop.

Mental health issue is very much a real and serious issue.

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In front of many fans, G-Dragon was seen protecting Sandara Park by holding her head.

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