Java 2d graphics paint flicker when updating

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For the rest of this series, I will focus on other aspects of HTML5 game development, starting with animation.Fundamentally, implementing animations is simple: You repeatedly draw a sequence of images that make it appear as though objects are animating in some fashion.Also, the game has no collision detection yet, so the runner floats in mid-air when there are no platforms underneath her.

The specifications progress rapidly, constantly incorporating new technology and refining existing functionality.

At the end of the level, the background and platforms reverse direction.

At this stage of development, the runner does not move.

Later in this article, I modify that function to scroll the background.

Drawing the platforms, which are not images, requires more extensive use of the Canvas API, as shown in Listing 3: translates the canvas's coordinate system — depicted in Figure 2 — by a specified number of pixels in the horizontal direction.

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Graphics and animation are the most fundamental aspects of any video game, so in this article I start with a brief overview of the Canvas 2D API, followed by a discussion of the implementation of Snail Bait's central animation.

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