How to handle an intimidating woman updating globe light fixtures

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Women tend to open up more about their feelings, emotions and relationships with their close friends, men or women.

While men have to be romantically involved to show their vulnerability to someone, women do it all the time.

If communication breaks down between you and your builder, it's essential never to forget he's the meaty one wielding the box of screwdrivers and hammers.

Which is why you need to make wiliness and smart communication skills your knuckle dusters and thumb screws.

Meeting aggression with aggression (an understandable, yet fatal mistake) only fuels conflict into a messy showdown.Rather, it was when the carpenter told me that he liked to stand on my balcony to watch Concorde fly past each day (this was a few years ago, obviously), and I noticed the over-flowing ashtray outside, that I understood in utter amazement that I was paying for a plane-spotter.It took pleading, blackmail, and the flirtatious intervention of my friend's girlfriend to make this lazy chippie get on with the job.Of course, it’s only natural for men to feel a bit insecure when all of a sudden, they are not the rulers of everything anymore (see history).Not to mention the fact that women’s standards have increased a lot lately and some men just find it difficult to keep up.

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Men may easily approach a beautiful woman because, obviously, they find this quality attractive and not intimidating.

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