Hot sex chat convesation to read

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Hot sex chat convesation to read

Thomas went over to the bed and motioned me to follow. I took his massive pecker into my hand and brought it up to my lips. In reality I could maybe get four or five inches down my throat. Sean rubbed his sleepy blurry eyes and tried to focus on the alarm clock on the nightstand. He usually hated waking up before the alarm, but this morning he had a raging hard on that demanded his immediate attention.

Thomas took his one hand and started to push my head down onto his shaft. At 18 years old, his cock demanded attention just about all the time, but sometimes were more urgent than others.

The more he stroked, the more precum oozed from the tip, finally he had enough to coat his thumb and forefinger and lube up the head.

Sometimes it seemed as though his cock was connected to an undrainable resevoir of precum.

He felt that pleasant urgent ache forming deep inside his groin, at the base of his cock and in his balls.

He rubbed his thumb in small circles around the head, coaxing a shiny drop of precum out of the tip.

He squeezed his fist around the shaft and slowly stroked from the base to the tip, forcing more precum out until it started to slowly run down the head.

He imagined Trisha Mcintyre, the blond chick that sat next to him in his senior english class in high school.

He had never spoken to her in reality, but they had been fuck buddies in his mind since freshman year.

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He briefly entertained the idea of grabbing the hand lotion out of the bathroom and making it a real event, but there wasn’t time, he had a bus to catch.