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G-D personally punishes those who take another man's wife.As for the NYPost, it seems they have an agenda against the frum community, willing to give this site free publicity.If you cannot handle going near the line, make a wall between you and that line. Always make sure that your spouse knows what you are doing – they are your guidance in this.Of course, spouses need to realize that just because you aren’t into something doesn’t mean you should automatically shut it down.What would be next- a place for "modern Orthodox" who have a secret craving to worship idols, or eat pig meat? We need to get that site infiltratod & Make those names public so we prevent all of us from marrieng of our kids to MAMZAIRIM. Jinormous SIN to do, NOT TO MENTION TO BE "MACHTEH" facilitating and enabling SOOO MUCH SIN!! What we can do as bystanders is push people that we know to not go to these websites because they will obviously ruin marriages and relationships. If we want Moshiach to come we must act like we really want it.I pray to Hashem that these people not represent the Jewish people in our bid for Moshiach even though "Kol Yisroel Areivim Zeh LA Zeh." We must find these people and protest their actions now. If it was for people who got together to break Shabbos or roam the streets killing people we would not identify them as orthodox jews, so why here?

**UPDATE** The site has been turned off since our posting **UPDATE** As of this morning March 30 2009 the site is back up this is pretty sick-but technically "adultery" can only occur when there is a married woman involved. A yid would feel horrible afterwards, looking for ways for it not to occur again, feeling guilty, etc. The way to stop it and prevent further damage to the Jewish people, we must take action in a way that is detrimental to these sort of concepts.There have been another 200 inquiries from around the world. “Of course they are ALREADY putting pressure on this site,” Jerry said in an e-mail.“But this site is only intended for adults who can think for themselves and make their own judgments.” Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of “Kosher Adultery: Seduce and Sin with Your Spouse,” said he was saddened by the site. I dont think we should have this sort of dreck on this site...What would happen if a married man saw a single lady from this web site, had relations? This site creates an outlet to commit sins as an orthodox jew with no busha, no feel of guilt Good idea to all those reshouem register. The way to do this would be to ban these websites and others of the same kind in our communities.Bad enough and would violate many precepts but would Not constitute the Jewish (Halacha) definition of Adultery. That being said ; the site should be shut down immediately anyway. We all know that even the CIAs & the Pentagons websites where hacked... Any Rabbi who accepts this type of behavior in our time should be abolished from the pulpit because he obviously doesnt understand anything about modern halachah.

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Roughly 350 members have signed up, said the site’s creator, Jerry, who refused to give his last name for fear of rabbinical retribution.