Frum sex chat rooms dating barrett ff7

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Frum sex chat rooms

It is articles like these that make it impossible for any frum person working in the world to have any form of respect from his co-workers.

They use these articles to prove how messed up the frum life is. I recall a case where a judge refused to let kids into the fathers home, because not having a TV was abusive!

You have a yahoo group called frumsex, flickr has three groups dedicated to jewish nude pics but only one claims to actually have anything, kinky jews have their own website, and I am sure there are many more hidden because they aren’t on the internet but are between groups of friends.

The bottom line is that people need to remember there is a fine line and one needs to know what they can handle.

As for this site, it will not lead to any real activities.

G-D personally punishes those who take another man's wife.

As for the NYPost, it seems they have an agenda against the frum community, willing to give this site free publicity.

Hundreds of Jewish men and women who want to cheat on their spouses are flocking to a new Web site for ultra-Orthodox Jews seeking heretical hookups.

.....[we omit the website name to prevent free publicity] named for the founder’s first mistress—was launched March 19 by a modern Orthodox man from Midwood, Brooklyn, who says he got the idea from Hasids he met in chat rooms seeking adulterous action.

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