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There are about six names going around out there at the moment.

I just leave them to it.’Mc Nab’s face is always in shadow in his publicity shots, but I spot him immediately when we meet in a discreet corner of a private members’ bar in Soho.

I’ve been playing up to it with my wife, going: “The Commander wants a cup of tea.”’ And what does she say to that? ”’Sounds like Mrs Mc Nab doesn’t take any nonsense, but then Jenny is his fifth wife.

They met after he had left the SAS in the Nineties and published Bravo Two Zero, a thrilling account of the mission he led behind enemy lines during the first Gulf War.

The latest is Cold Blood, an action thriller about a group of wounded ex-soldiers trying to reach the North Pole.

He’s managed to turn himself into a legend – and all on his own terms, which means keeping his face out of it.‘Commercially it would be much better to get out there and do stuff [on screen], but most lads who get out of UK Special Forces don’t want to put themselves out there, because there is always the possibility of reprisals.

‘“Yeah, but that’s because you’re looking for me.’” So would a potential attacker, surely? Out of context, it’s very difficult for people to identify me.’”To be fair, he’s the only man in the club who looks like Action Man in retirement.

Mc Nab is short and stocky but visibly still very fit in his late 50s, with a square jaw and salt-and-pepper hair cropped close. I’m running around like a blue-a***rsed fly anyway –, it’s not as if I’ve got a set routine.”I must look sceptical, because Mc Nab reveals he’s still getting death threats from former enemies – including a recent one from what’s left of the IRA.

‘No, it was Andy Mc Nab.’ Doesn’t that make it invalid then?

‘No, it’s the same as if you’ve got a stage name, like Elton John.’Wikipedia says he’s called Steven Billy Mitchell, is that right? People can say what they want, great, let them crack on, but basically no.

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Three men were killed, Mc Nab and four others were caught, imprisoned and tortured before release six weeks later.

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