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Free phone chat lines inland empire

That was with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino back in 1995, while he was considering working in Hollywood, before the success of his books took over.

If you put a Hollywood hardman in a real fight, would he have a chance?

‘“We had plain-clothes escorts with us all the time including a woman with an MP5 [sub-machine gun] in her bag. This policeman came round and said, “‘So far, so good. ”’ He was banging on the door of the car going, “‘It’s armoured, don’t you get it? Now a mood change in politics has led to new investigations into what the Army did during the Troubles, with the threat that veterans like him could be prosecuted –- while many of the paramilitary men they fought have served very short sentences or been officially told they are no longer wanted. He blames the Army for his having been married five times, the first when he was just 19.

”’ This is where it gets real.’”Mc Nab first killed in Northern Ireland, when he was a teenage squaddie with an IRA man in his sights. Mc Nab is angry.‘“The terms of reference have been changed and all of a sudden everything that took place on the government side is now being reassessed. You want a military force when the s**** hits the fan, but then when everything’s OK okay you basically f**** us over. So I don’t mind being in front of a jury, because nine out of ten times people are quite sensible.’”He let his true feelings show on Twitter earlier this year when others were praising the late IRA commander turned deputy first minister Martin Mc Guinness. The IRA killed more UK citizens, including children, than all Islamist groups together.’”He’s no fan of Jeremy Corbyn either, is he? ‘“When I was in the infantry there was no support system for girlfriends, it was marriage or nothing.

They’re very pro their military as fighters, as opposed to victims.’” Nobody could call Andy Mc Nab a victim.

He’s managed to turn himself into a legend – and all on his own terms, which means keeping his face out of it.‘Commercially it would be much better to get out there and do stuff [on screen], but most lads who get out of UK Special Forces don’t want to put themselves out there, because there is always the possibility of reprisals.

A movie hardman will run about, but a 19-year-old squaddie will just kill him.’”Cold Blood includes a very realistic account of what it’s like for a soldier to have post-traumatic stress disorder, so has he suffered? I haven’t even had a nightmare.’Soldiers he served with have committed suicide over the years and there’s a striking passage in the book in which he calls the popular view of the military ‘the world’s biggest lie’. ‘For thousands of years we’ve turned this thing into a big heroic process – whether it’s a war to maintain our civilisation, or whatever. All it boils down to is loads of young lads chopping each other up.The military has changed a lot for the better since then.’” Mc Nab was a working class south Londoner who hated school, got in trouble and was sent to borstal before an Army recruiting officer offered him a way out. We were marched into the Army education centre and the guy in there changed my life.He said: “You’re not thick, you’re just uneducated.” He gave us a Janet and John book, for primary school kids.’Mc Nab now goes into schools, prisons and workplaces with a charity called The Reading Agency, helping adults. Mc Nab says he learned how to write tight, fast-moving plots by spending seven months on set as an advisor to director Michael Mann during the making of Heat.I’ve been playing up to it with my wife, going: “The Commander wants a cup of tea.”’ And what does she say to that? ”’Sounds like Mrs Mc Nab doesn’t take any nonsense, but then Jenny is his fifth wife.They met after he had left the SAS in the Nineties and published Bravo Two Zero, a thrilling account of the mission he led behind enemy lines during the first Gulf War.

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Bravo Two Zero was published in 1993 and is still the best-selling military history book of all time.

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