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The unique feature of virtual shows is that total participation of attendees is made possible by transforming web casts into a virtual environment where users can interact.Message boards, text chat, v Card exchange and Speakers are the tools which help bring about the transformation and enable attendees to interact, inform and interconnect with exhibitors and sponsors. The incorporation of the webcasts into virtual environments gives the sponsors, exhibitors and attendees a spectacular experience in online-marketing.Which is why we've invested time in finding the best temporary network, satellite and 4G solutions.Be it network to get a stream to the web or Wi-Fi for your whole team, we have you covered.Webcasts bonds people in different time frames by allowing them to watch the video at the same time and also interact with each other through the text boxes.

When you register with IBC and create your own personalized web space, friends and relatives can watch the events of your wedding party from their computer connected to the World Wide Web.

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Using Live web broad casting, single audio – Video content (live events) source can be distributed to many viewers simultaneously.

After the LIVE BROADCAST, even IBC can offer the service of achieving the event so friends, relatives can watch the entire function on Demand ( watching when ever want).

The function can be made as public or private, depends on the clients interest.

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The Viewers can again and again view the live events as and when require for a limited time frame.