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^ Tweaked M113 driver anim ^ Added custom pip handler for M113 ^ Re-enabled bolt action for m2010 - works with bipods now.hold fire button in order to halt rechambering animation ^ M320GL now has fire selector set to F instead of S ^ M113 M2 ammo belt clipping in first person ^ New AN-M14 TH3 effects ^ Tweaked M4 sounds ^ Uploaded Kimi fixed HMD ^ Bradley textures with correct camo colors ^ Tweaked armor structural for transport helis ^ Removed old lenses on all ACOG variants and replaced with shiny new ones ^ Leupold Mk4 Spotting scope uses now H59 ^ Added new M113 gunner anims ^ Flipped direction of icon_ch47f_^ Fixed shadow LOD bugs for several M16s/M4A1 ^ max Speed for M1A2 ^ Cleaned up gear and weapon lods for [email protected] UH-60 Changed controls mixing and roll damper SAS [email protected] Removed M113 hatch movement from unarmed variant (didn't find way to somehow give control over rotation) - close T2297 @ M1078A1R SOV speedometer movement was backwards @ UH-60 Tweaked longitudinal cyclic ranges. @ Fixed parts of M153 CROWS glass not rotating with the rest of the turret ^ FMTV fording depth ^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP ^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM ^ Increased M19 mine hit value ^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 64 ^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values ^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree.We previously installed the SCEP 2012 client on the devices in our test collection.

The tables below contain the files and mirrors sorted by version.Enter a Name for the rule and then choose a collection (I have used my test collection).Leave the default "Add to an existing Software Update Group".^ Cargo script is able to attach boats too ^ Forced AH6 & MH6 visibility in virtual garage ^ Improved Leupold MK4 M2010 scope alignment ^ Added display Name Short to USAF magazines ^ Limited dynamic object drawing to Object Draw Distance ^ Added additional seat to MH-6M to fix issues with LOAD waypoint ^ Tweaked XPS3 Textures ^ Clean-up of M240 sections, UVsets and named properties ^ Added new Phys X to M2 Bradley family vehicles ^ Added interior occluders to M2 Bradley family vehicles ^ Picture in Picture bounding box tech applied to vehicle models.For optimising non-scripted Pi P screens ^ Reduced headbanging when driving M113 & M2 Bradley ^ Removing Longbow radar from AH-64D is now handled through Vehicle Customisation menu (classes for the old editor placeable unit can still be spawned, Vh C hides radar model and disables active radar sensor) ^ Linked CROWS Pi P with current optic mode ^ Added recoil coef to USAF vehicle magazines ^ Improved M113 Phys X configuration ^ Replaced majority of M1911 mags in M1 Abrams inventory, with M9 mags (correct mags for resupplying crew sidearms) ^ Added new sounds for M1 using sound Set technology ^ Readded track drive On Component to M1 ^ Improved M109 Phys X ^ Added interior occluders to M113 ^ Added improved Phys X to M109 ^ Added antiwater material to M113 interior ^ Reduced range of vehicles ^ Added new sounds for M1 (kudos to daskal from Steel Beast community) ^ Increased TOW2 time of flight & speed characteristic according to following table - https://fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/^ Replaced USMC units' AN/PEQ-15s with AN/PEQ-16s ^ Disabled compatibility of forward-mounting Aimpoint T1s on M14 EBR, M24 and M40A5 where they would float in mid-air ^ Added vanilla FCS to AH64 & AH1Z autocannons ^ Zeus is now able to move vehicles during their engine startup ^ Tweaked M1025 Phys X ^ Adjusted Raven backpack mass ^ Improved FMTV Phys X configuration ^ Improved MZRZ4 Phys X configuration - final fix for suspension anims ^ Improved Phys X configuration of HEMMT, M1117 & Caiman ^ Adjusted fuel range of USAF vehicles ^ Tweaked ai firemodes settings ^ Adjusted Hellfire & Maverick speed ^ Adjusted ai Dispersion Coefs for tanks ^ Updated IOTV vests ^ Exhaust smoke generator now consumes some fuel ^ Reduced recoil for M109A6 ^ Adjusted Mk82 & Cluster bombs values so AI should use it more frequently ^ SOCOM FMTVs now have proper sound attenuation setting for open-top vehicles ^ Improved smoke dischargers for M1084A1R SOV ^ SR-25 rail covers were not retexturable ^ Adjusted sensor parameters on AGM-65F (Anti-Ship, IR Maverick): Lowered max target speed, raised max locking range ^ Added extra pip view distance options ^ US MERDC textures ^ Added gauges anims to Caiman ^ Added new driver anim to Caiman ^ Improved FMTV driver animation, mirror shape, gagues (animations/visuals) & shadows ^ Rescaled TOW missiles to correct size ^ Animated TOW-2/2A standoff probe extension ^ Added pedal anims to A10A ^ Tweaked A10A Center of Mass ^ Updated MK19 config and fix packing error ^ Tweaked 3rd person camera for tanks ^ Added TOW missile fly sound ^ Added rear-view mirrors to A-10A cockpit @ Fixed MBAV Grenadier vest hitpoints inheritance @ Fixed Duke hint being visible for everyone in MP @ Fixed Caiman & FMTV 3rd person camera @ Fixed FMTV missing gunner proxies in fire geometry @ Fixed NT4 shadows @ missing textures error @ SU-230/PVS (CX5395) version of Specter DR, was not displaying the correct reticle in 2D optics @ Some vehicles had missing author strings when running USAF standalone @ Only one mirror was functioning in FMTV gunner's view @ Some missing geo in 90s M113 @ Pi P view on FMTVs' passenger side mirrors, were inverted @ Editor option to fold MRZR roll cage, was not functioning @ Fixed Mark V SOC Zeus hint @ Unarmed M113 view gunner LOD missing selection names: animation to hide IFF panels did not work, and cupola was always showing desert camo @ Fixed duplicate turret hitpoints spam for some of the vehicles @ IFF panels on M2A3 Bradley variants would shrink when using the "Hide IFF Panel" animation @ Minor M109 alpha sorting bug when viewing antennas through the wire mesh on the turret bustle @ Fixed MELB camera twitching when switching to ground lock @ AH-64 & AH-1z were missing gun Beg/End memory points definition @ Fixed m Max Droop typo in Phys X configs of many USAF vehicles @ Fixed MZRZ sound configuration @ Fixed AI in A10A didn't want to use GAU-8 on ground targets @ Fixed damage in AFM from rolling on the ground on UH-60 & CH-47 @ M977A4 (Repair) cabin SVC lights displaced @ ACU uniform insignia alpha sorting @ AH-1Z/UH-1Y Changed maximum and minimum anti-torque rotor pitch T0003819 @ UH-60M slightly changed SAS gsins.

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^ Scaled up suppressors ^ M1117 fording depth ^ HMMWV fording depth ^ Improved M4A1 Thermal texture ^ M1117 & HMMWVs were missing engine smoke effect ^ Improved HMMWVs engine hitpoints ^ Add fancy stuff to M1117 (optic destruction, duke destruction, 3 additional passenger seats inside) ^ Add wound texture for Gen 3 ^ Add DUKE destruction to Bradleys & M1 tanks ^ Add ability to hide DUKE antennas on Bradleys ^ HMMWV engine damage selection ^ Gear visibility in cargo lod of UH60M (change visible for FFV seats) ^ Tweaked FFV limits on UH1Y ^ Tweaked cargo positions on UH1Y ^ Tweaked amphibious physx of M113 (turning ratio, max speed) ^ Improved M8541A SSDS visuals ^ Tweaked textures and rvmats for FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60/M1117(UN Variant) to fit better with new lighting ^ Lower res LODs for rocket pods ^ Squad XML positioning in CH-47/UH-60/AH-1 ^ Tweaked gear and weapon textures to better fit with lighting @ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system @ USMC squad leader was missing weapons due to typo in cfg @ AH1Z GS had broken rockets @ USMC RG-33 /w m2 had wrong turret texture @ Alpha issue with collimators on Mk18 & M4BII @ Fixed M113 M2 shell casing @ Mark V irradiance map errors in @ Mark V M134 particle effects pos @ Mark V missing gunner get in points for both M2 & M134 @ Mark V - displays not working @ Zeus placeable M107 was missing scope=2 @ Fixed M1A2SEP (non tusk) commander couldn't use his M2 when turned out @ Missing geometry in ejection port of Mk18 & M4 Block II @ Reduced visiblity of C130J HUD @ Missing parts in shadow lod of M240G & B @ Fixed HK416 full auto mode AI distances @ Fixed M113 (ammo) variant texture randomization @ Spent disposable launchers adding magazine in inventory @ Increased M107 and it's magazines mass @ Removed strap loop from the top of Bowman earpiece in MICH helmets, to stop clipping through @ Unified and improved HMMWV engine hitpoint position @ Hellfire now use proper penetrator @ Removed pilot targeting pod from F-22, UH1Y & CH47 @ Fixed A-10 TVM ui @ Fixed h HEMTT light points & hitpoints @ Fixed Mark V SOC troop capacity @ Fixed vehicle M2 gunner bounding-sphere size @ Fixed bad geometry and unnecessary UV channels in FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60 ^ Eden integration of US units (new categories and attributes) ^ Fast Ops-Core model and texture revamp ^ SOPMOD M4s fitted with ironsights from M27 ^ SOPMOD side rail proxies moved forward ^ Tweaks to USMC Recon loadout.

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