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Fep definition status not updating

Enter a Name for the rule and then choose a collection (I have used my test collection).Leave the default "Add to an existing Software Update Group".^ Scaled up suppressors ^ M1117 fording depth ^ HMMWV fording depth ^ Improved M4A1 Thermal texture ^ M1117 & HMMWVs were missing engine smoke effect ^ Improved HMMWVs engine hitpoints ^ Add fancy stuff to M1117 (optic destruction, duke destruction, 3 additional passenger seats inside) ^ Add wound texture for Gen 3 ^ Add DUKE destruction to Bradleys & M1 tanks ^ Add ability to hide DUKE antennas on Bradleys ^ HMMWV engine damage selection ^ Gear visibility in cargo lod of UH60M (change visible for FFV seats) ^ Tweaked FFV limits on UH1Y ^ Tweaked cargo positions on UH1Y ^ Tweaked amphibious physx of M113 (turning ratio, max speed) ^ Improved M8541A SSDS visuals ^ Tweaked textures and rvmats for FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60/M1117(UN Variant) to fit better with new lighting ^ Lower res LODs for rocket pods ^ Squad XML positioning in CH-47/UH-60/AH-1 ^ Tweaked gear and weapon textures to better fit with lighting @ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system @ USMC squad leader was missing weapons due to typo in cfg @ AH1Z GS had broken rockets @ USMC RG-33 /w m2 had wrong turret texture @ Alpha issue with collimators on Mk18 & M4BII @ Fixed M113 M2 shell casing @ Mark V irradiance map errors in @ Mark V M134 particle effects pos @ Mark V missing gunner get in points for both M2 & M134 @ Mark V - displays not working @ Zeus placeable M107 was missing scope=2 @ Fixed M1A2SEP (non tusk) commander couldn't use his M2 when turned out @ Missing geometry in ejection port of Mk18 & M4 Block II @ Reduced visiblity of C130J HUD @ Missing parts in shadow lod of M240G & B @ Fixed HK416 full auto mode AI distances @ Fixed M113 (ammo) variant texture randomization @ Spent disposable launchers adding magazine in inventory @ Increased M107 and it's magazines mass @ Removed strap loop from the top of Bowman earpiece in MICH helmets, to stop clipping through @ Unified and improved HMMWV engine hitpoint position @ Hellfire now use proper penetrator @ Removed pilot targeting pod from F-22, UH1Y & CH47 @ Fixed A-10 TVM ui @ Fixed h HEMTT light points & hitpoints @ Fixed Mark V SOC troop capacity @ Fixed vehicle M2 gunner bounding-sphere size @ Fixed bad geometry and unnecessary UV channels in FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60 ^ Eden integration of US units (new categories and attributes) ^ Fast Ops-Core model and texture revamp ^ SOPMOD M4s fitted with ironsights from M27 ^ SOPMOD side rail proxies moved forward ^ Tweaks to USMC Recon loadout.^ LAW & AT4 can now be carried in backpack ^ Swapped out old RHARD pack texture.Reading on the net it seems like it was discontinued on Dec 31 2015, but when I log into the serves, FEP 2010 is running, I can see its up to date, I am just puzzled if its just running without any new updates?On the Update tab it says "Virus and spyware definitions status - Up to date"Virus definition version: 1.245.882.0Spyware definition version: 1/245/882.0I can see that its checking for updates every day so I don;t see a place where it will tell me that its end of life or no more updates are supported.

while using VG or delete Vehicle script command) ^ M113 & RG-33L now use turn In/Out event handlers for handling hatches ^ New turret limits for M113 & RG-33L FFV seats ^ Customisation option to mount flag at the front or rear of HEMTT (for convoy procedure) @ Typo in UH-1Y displayname @ Typo in firegeometry of UH-60M left doors @ Typo in rvmat path of UH-60M MEV @ M24 was missing bipod memory point @ M27 IAR grip switching didn't work correctly with some vert grips @ M249 bipod shadow didn't animate when deployed @ M249 VFG (long variant) didn't hide its original flash-hider when muzzle attachments were fitted @ Abrams FCS overshooting targets @ Gap in Abrams driver's triplex view appearing in some screen resolutions @ Some unit loadouts (USMC javeling carring SMAW missiles in backpack & overloaded units mainly) @ MRZR and RG-33L classnames missing from cfg Patches array (affected Zeus spawning) @ DUKE activation/deactivation hints were broadcast to other players @ Wrong M112 demo charge magazine generated after defusing @ Wrong path to CH-53 Rotor Lib config @ CH-53 rotors spun in the wrong direction @ Reference point for towing CH-53 with Leshrack's mod, was underground @ Sound occlusion made weapons too quiet ^ M14 AP mine specular values ^ Tweaked max Lead Speed parameter for HEAT and HE rounds ^ M397 HET grenades added to RHSUSF supply crates ^ Interior lights for RG-33L ^ RG-33L's rhino mast will now collide with structures and vehicles ^ Adjusted RG-33L Anti Roll Bar force ^ MRZR damage visuals ^ MRZR can now carry small objects with the command in Arma 1.68 ^ Adjusted MRZR braking force and other Phys X parameters ^ Adjusted HK416-type rifle muzzle-flash rotation limits to work better with flash-hider attachments @ M14 AP mine missing texture errors @ Flashlights did not work when attached to MP7 @ Displayname for 6-round M397 magazine was inconsistent with the single round mag @ Ironsights on M4 w/ Magpul furniture were using the wrong zeroing and memory point settings @ RG-33L high/low beam headlights weren't functioning properly @ RG-33L wheels floated slightly above the ground @ MRZR now uses the correct sound filter for open-topped vehicles @ F-22 landing lights were not originating from the correct positions @ M27 IAR with TD grip would not accept some optics that fit the grip-less M27 @ M27 IAR flash-hider did not hide in view Pilot LOD when a muzzle attachment was fitted @ Some pistols were missing 'baseweapon' parameter and would not show in Arma 1.68 Virtual Arsenal @ replaced ^ Reconfigured inventory mass of items, magazines and weapons in a more unified way across all RHS mods ^ Unified bolt action script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers ^ Unified disposable launcher script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers ^ Config parameter "aim Transition Speed" introduced in 1.66, is added to USAF weapons ^ New textures for M24 ^ New textures for AN/PEQ-15 and model adjusted for locking pin ^ Reduced MELB engine & tail rotor armor ^ Optimized SPC & IOTV vests (sections count, more res lods, removed old camelback from pilot view) ^ Calibration of Elcan M145 2D & 3D reticle ^ Laser position on ANPEQs ^ Standard USMC Scout Sniper classes are now equipped with M40A5, added new classes with the previous Mk11 (M110 stand-in) loadout ^ HMMWVs more difficult to roll over ^ Better HMMWV glass reflection ^ M1 tank optics zoom levels ^ Increased dispersion of M230 & M197 helicopter autocannons ^ Tweaked ERA hitpoint values on Bradley ^ Improved grip attachment system to support compatibility across RHS factions and support for 3rd party addons ^ Flipped Premier M8541A scope normals, tweaked rvmat and improved glass reflection ^ Optimisation of M249s (reduced from 12 sections to 5 by merging textures), and other model adjustments ^ M249 PIP variants accept all 5.56mm muzzle attachments ^ M249 PIP VFG variants compatible with grip attachment system ^ C-130 texture tweaks ^ MARSOC units's helmets switched from FAST Ballistic High Cut to FAST Maritime ^ Simple gas block and gas tube models for MK18 and M4BII handguards ^ Better visual transition between M113 resolution LODs ^ Made Camelback cap color on USMC vests less "luminous" ^ Set max Zeroing values for US sniper rifles and marksmen rifles to include their published effective range ^ Increased zeroing range of 20x Leupold scope ^ Increased M107 dispersion slightly from 1.3 MOA (from GM6 parent class), to 1.5 MOA based on published statements of accuracy for the rifle ^ Implemented set Shot Parents to spall & heat scripts ^ Optimised M32 shadow LOD to improve performance ^ Bipods compatibility with Joint Rails ^ DUKE countermeasures script improved to allow (RG-33L) drivers to control DUKE instead of commanders ^ M1117 now use countermeasures for DUKE activation ^ M1117 section count reduction ^ Glock17 normals and .rvmat tweaks ^ Glock17 trigger animation now includes a moving trigger safety ^ Green tint to NVG lenses & cleaned up named properties ^ Added some transparency to AN/PVS-14 view ^ Servo sounds for M1 commander turret ^ M1 damage texture workaround ^ Ability to change ammunition loadout of M252, M119 & M109 ^ Changed simulation of M119 spent cases ^ Old HMMWV bull bars (M998 style) and tail hitch, selectable through Virtual Garage/Eden ^ Updated editor preview images to reflect some recent loadout changes ^ New M107 sounds ^ New CH-47 rotor Lib configuration, based upon Huron - thanks swiss MAG!

The mod contains a a large array of content representing the US Army and the US Marine Corps.

When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside: There are several ways you can acquire RHS: United States Armed Forces.

^ Tweaked AT-4 shadow ^ Tweaked M590 pump action anim ^ Add custom Falcon backpack textures ^ Tweaked M1 decal init ^ SR-25 renamed to Mk11 mod 0 (due to the rail system and other parts) ^ Changed Rifleman (M590) for Breacher for coherence ^ Tweaked rocket impact point for AH-64 ^ Added res lods to RG-33 since plenty of people use it anyway ^ Tweaked M1 hitpoints & fixed some selection errors in res lods ^ Improved SR-25 standard stock scale ^ Assign M8541A to USMC snipers / marksmen ^ Changed AFM on CH-53 to CH-49 based ^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel ^ Tweaks to UH-60 cyclic movement ^ RHSUSF_fnc_fired Saclos now uses cursor Object command ^ Improved paradrop script ^ Reduced M1 tanks max ammo to 36 rounds ^ Small tweaks to A-10 MFD ^ Remaked F22 mfd, gun is now aligned ^ WIP work on TV Maverick ^ Added ability to hide benches in C130 & CH47 for more cargo duties ^ Added hidden selections to covered MICH helmets ^ Improved M1911 reload anim ^ Improved wheel shadows for M113 ^ Added filter selection to UH60 ^ Simple HEAT simulation for vehicles without composite armour ^ SMAW muzzle synchronization now runs on each frame ^ Tweaked iron sights' textures ^ HEAT warhead simulation performance & reliability ^ Added AI dispersion for M256 cannon ^ Increased M1 reload time without loader ^ Tweaked M1 optics visuals ^ Tweaked lead scripts ^ USMC loadouts adopt Mk318 bullet as standard (as in real life) ^ Added fire on move script for M1 ^ Added RG-33 proxy camo selections ^ Added prone M590 reload anims ^ Reenabled rechambering anim for m590 ^ Changed M240 reload anim ^ Changed M107 reload anim ^ Changed CH53 ui picture ^ Changed javeling holding anim ^ Changed LAW inheritance ^ Increased Javelin locking time ^ Changed M27 IAR hand anim ^ Changed M590A1 magazine reload anim ^ Tweaked CBA compatibility ^ Improved Oakley glove weighting on US marine V2 ^ Tweaked M113 3rd person view ^ Tweaked M113 ammo loadout ^ Configured engine hitpoints for c130 ^ Made new firegeometry for Ch53 with working cargo proxies ^ Added glass destruction effect for Ch53 ^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel ^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates ^ Patrol cap scaled down ^ Removed proxies from M1 tanks & added hidden selections ^ Tweaked gun mantlet FG for M1 tanks ^ Optimized res lods for M1 tanks ^ Added ability to hide DUKE antenna ^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates ^ Slight reduction of section count on all models ^ Slight brightness increase for M2010 Desert paint.

^ Unscope Mk 18 & M4 Block 2 ^ Improved SOPMOD 2 rifles hand anim ^ Removed 1.60 crew Aim indicators from Bradley & M1 tanks ^ Added an inner aperture to the M27's rear ironsight, as per Misty's instructions. ^ Model and textures for LAU-61C/A ^ Tweaked AH-64 speed ^ Calibrated FCS calculations for M1069 HE rounds ^ M299 Helllfire pod ^ M261(19 shot FFAR pod) model and texture ^ AGM-114 model and texture @ Fixed SMAW Spotting rifle missing switching action with the new APEX control preset @ Fixed M109A6 being too front heavy @ Fixed M109 ghost lod @ Repositioned rocket pod proxies on AH-1Z @ A3 Eotech renamed to EXPS3 @ Fixed init Speed inheritance since marksman dlc @ Fixed length of M260(19 tube rocket launcher) @ Renamed UH1Y skeleton for safety @ Fixed M1025 unarmed ghost lod @ UH-60 rotors are now properly set in the Shadow LOD @ UH-60 rotor blur texture no longer has yellow stripes @ UH-60 cyclic left/right animation is no longer inverted @ HMMWV doors sounds @ Fixed some errors connected with ejection seats & canopy @ M1A1 FEP WD had texture swichted with OD variant @ HEMMT & RG-33 OGPK mirror were mirrored @ Fixed M9 holster position @ AH64 & AH1Z gun particles position @ Proper M203 anim for Bk2 @ M27 pilot views: added missing parts magazine release and fence, dust cover etc.

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The easiest and fastest way to be always up to date is to use the updater. Other methods maybe a bit delayed after release as they require some time to update.

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