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If SD continues listening to the community with the same level of dedication they have already, it will be the best multiplayer experience around.

I'm a diehard ET player, I’ve played many games since ET came out (bf2, CS: S, quake 4, C&C 3, World In Conflict Beta to name a few) and none had ever been able to keep me away from W: ET for more than a month.

I started really getting into console gaming ever since I landed on USA soil.

I was introduced to the beauty and fun of online PC gaming by C&C Tiberian sun. It would have been sooner had I not gotten addicted to the Constructor Tormentor combo ;) I'm sure I’ll see some very lovely comments regarding this, but I'm a happily married gamer with no regrets about my gaming time ;) How about your other achievements and skills?

I recorded my games (F12) and I chose the best moments from each and recorded them with Fraps while watching them in replay mode.

I wanted to show that the Tormentor wasn't the useless, hard-to-control bug that just sat on the pad (t-pad? It took a while to get used to the default controls, a lot of practice is the only way to get better. Dogfights will be very interesting once more people get the hang of the flying birds of prey :) At first I was somewhat disappointed that we aren't able to rebind the ROLL control to the mouse axis instead of the keyboard, but I changed my mind after I had a long talk with Locki who was nice enough to take the time and explain all the reasons behind that decision and I was very impressed with the level of detail he provided.

Too many enemies camping a spot heavily fortified by deployables? Favorite class would have to go to both Engineer and Medic class. airstriking their own objective, killing countless teammates.

With Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars turning five this week, we thought it'd be fun to dig up a few goodies from ETQW's early days. The slightly older gentlemen and women among you will remember that QUAKE Wars had an extensive beta phase - first a seekrit Closed Beta, and then an Open Beta with some 60,000 participants.

During the Open Beta, Dommafia quickly climbed to the very top of the leaderboards and became one of the most famous faces of the QUAKE Wars community.

I also spend time helping my old lady with her school work.

Then there's the usual stuff, mall, movies, and lots of MERENGUE and BACHATA (Dominican dance styles).

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We tracked Dom Mafia down and forced him to explain himself. I have 2 jobs (well almost 3, my wife can be a pain in the ass sometimes : P).