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My friends will be there and they can bottlefeed you and check on your nappy! This kinky girl wants to wrap you up in plastic and make you cum! She knows you fancy Sarah, a pretty schoolgirl girl who wears nappies and teases you about her while she sucks your cock!

She has some special plastic pants with a plastic sheath and she wants to see your cock spurt inside them as she sucks and wanks you into them! It's a good job Mummy loves to change smelly nappies! Then she puts you in a disposable then a terry nappy and a nice crinkly pair of plastic pants followed by a thick pair of rubber pants.. Mummy is doing the washing up and she's wearing her rubber gloves.

This Mistress humiliates you as you're wrapped in plastic.

She rubs your cock through the soft smooth material & the more cruel she is the harder you get until you shoot your load inside the clear plastic!

The nurse sees your nappy and your erection so she gets you some help from the "relief" nurse!

Lucy is a 21 year old fitness instructor with a 25 year old boyfriend who she adores.

This girl saw an advert in the back of a magazine for plastic incontinence pants.She`ll take your nappy off and get you to sit on her face so she can lick your arse as she creams you. Nanny is fed up with how many nappies you wet and mess!You've only just been changed and now you're wet again! Listen as she pisses all over you as you lie in your wet nappy and plastic pants . Mummy comes in with your clean nappies and sees you've taken off your nappy and you're touching yourself through your plasic pants.Sally has ran out of nappies for her baby husband and she frantically calls her best friends Jen and Tina to get some for her.When they arrive they find Sally flustered and immediately help out.

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This kinky nanny loves wet nappies but it's spunky nappies she loves most!

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