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So far, Ben has been fitting right in with the family.

He tells to , "The Duggar family gets asked a lot of questions.

Caleb has yet to do so, which has many fans believing that this means that he and Jana are definitely "a thing." Without confirmation or denial, it is certainly possible.

While the Duggar family has very conservative values, if Caleb is indeed courting Jana, the pair are a little more rebellious than some of the others in Jana's family.

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, and it turns out they have quite the scandal of their own.Joe did not attend a typical four-year college, however, but instead attended the ultra-conservative Liberty University before settling down with his wife, Kendra.A friend close to Caleb spoke to The Hollywood Gossip to clarify in what ways he is a rebel., got engaged two days ago to Ben Seeward, 19, but not without some old-fashioned courting rules.NEWS: '19 Kids and Counting' Star Jessa Duggar Is Engaged The Duggar family has strict views on a courtship.

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Also appearing on the page was a man named Jacob Wilson, who was also rumored to be courting Jana.