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In his book, Happy, Happy, Happy, As an athlete in high school, Robertson was all-state in football, baseball, and track, which afforded him the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech in Ruston on a football scholarship in the late 1960s.

Bradshaw once remarked about Robertson's love of hunting, saying "...

In 2017, in the Alabama run-off election, he endorsed Judge Roy Moore for the US Senate.

In a primary rally of his, he went and made a speech in his defense about what he felt made the Ten Commandments important to keep as part of being on display in our courtrooms.

Race-faker Rachel Dolezal has been confronted by Dr Phil in a hard-hitting interview. However when discussing the scandal, she did admit: 'I'm not perfect.

In a promo for the show which will air on Monday, Dr Phil confronts the white woman who claims to identify as an African-American despite being born in Montana to white parents. I make mistakes.'Dolezal has claimed that she 'was biologically born white to white parents', and compared herself to Caitlyn Jenner, claiming race is 'not coded in your DNA' and should be viewed like gender or religion.

'We just have that conversation and we just always want to know – is there something you need?

Phil Robertson, loved hunting more than he loved football.

He'd come to practice directly from the woods, squirrel tails hanging out of his pockets, duck feathers on his clothes.

Mc Allister defeated the thought-to-be frontrunner, state senator Neil Riser.

Many attributed the strength of Mc Allister's come-from-behind victory to the Robertson endorsement.

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As an avid duck hunter, Robertson was dissatisfied with the condition of duck calls.

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