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Posted by / 31-Aug-2017 16:43

David brent dating

Thought using Alan Partridge quotes on Tinder was funny?

Now The Office’s David Brent is being used as a source of inspiration – and it has gone down about as well as you can expect.

Equally, avoid pics taken the next day after a big night.

You in a kitchen laden with empty bottles, dressed in a onesie, still wearing last night’s make up and clutching an empty tub of Haagen-Dazs might not send the right message to potential dates.

Plus you don’t want your date struggling to work out which one you are and then feeling disappointed you’re not Niall.

So save your gastronomic expertise for that third date instead.

Guys – we know you might have spent six months in the gym perfecting those pectorals, or toning those abs, and you want your date to know you’re in great shape, right? Shots of you topless in front of the mirror send all the wrong messages and are a surefire way to make people swipe left. Unless they were taken by a pro, travel photos can have more than a whiff of cheese about them.

But we all remember that shot of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sarnie and shudder.

Unless you’re Nigella Lawson, it’s impossible to look sexy whilst shoving any sort of food item into your mouth.

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