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Warning: Includes explicit language Nothing works more on a love interest more than a compliment followed by an over share, damn.

It can’t hurt talking up how you can further their career…or not.

Half an arm visible around your shoulder is always a dead giveaway, but there really is no way you can successfully pull this off, no matter how good your Photoshop skills.

But for dating photos, these type of shots run the risk of making you look like David Brent.

We’ve all seen those sultry glances and cheesy poses which look staged, a bit desperate and even a tad creepy, when you want your dating pics to look natural, carefree and spontaneous.

Equally, avoid pics taken the next day after a big night.

You in a kitchen laden with empty bottles, dressed in a onesie, still wearing last night’s make up and clutching an empty tub of Haagen-Dazs might not send the right message to potential dates.

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But if you’re delving into the past by more than that, make sure there aren’t any clues in the shot that give away just how old it is.

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