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The sense of unease engendered by this tension between expectation and delivered results culminated in the famous paper by Colin Patterson (1981)—himself a palaeontologist—when he launched a devastating effect on conventional wisdom about the importance of fossils.

As the molecular clock evidence is increasingly coming under critical review (, 2001), it is reasonable to subject the fossil record to similar scrutiny.Whilst the “Cambrian Explosion” continues to attract much attention from a wide range of earth and life scientists, the detailed patterns exhibited by the terminal Proterozoic–Early Cambrian biotas remain unclear, for reasons of systematics, biostratigraphy and biogeography.In particular, recent changes in absolute dating of the Cambrian have refined the period of time that the fossil record might be of most help in revealing the dynamics of the undoubted radiation taking place at this time.This view merely reflected the general Zeitgeist of the time, and the problems that systematists had had in trying to assign fossils to systematic positions.The net effect was that, although fossils were generally thought of as providing the answer to the origins of major groups, in practice they tended to shed very little light on them.

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Whittington's groundbreaking studies of the Burgess Shale led him to conclude that previous attempts to place Cambrian taxa in extant groupings did not fairly reflect their provocative morphology.

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