Dating someone who is hiv Masterbation hookup

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Dating someone who is hiv

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a life-changing STD, it might be difficult to imagine what dating will look like in the future.It can be tricky for people living with HIV/AIDS to talk about their health status, making it difficult to start a new relationship or just to date casually.Life expectancy for people with HIV who are diagnosed when their immune system is still robust is expected to be more or less the same as anyone else’s.Some studies even suggest we may live a bit longer than our negative brethren (only because we’re always going for check-ups so any other conditions are likely to be detected earlier).I want people to be able to have open and honest discussions about HIV and about what they know or suspect about their own status.I think it’s vital if we’re going to reduce new infections and challenge stigma.To support FS, visit, or, if you’re in the UK, text FSFS15 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 (or £10, if you can).

reruns not to become disillusioned with the prospect of finding love.

A blanket rejection of anyone with HIV means that fewer men feel able to be open and honest and this provides a foundation for ongoing ignorance and fear. This article is Matthew’s own opinion and not necessarily the view of GMFA as an organisation.

Avoiding sex or a relationship with someone just because they’re living with HIV isn’t a good strategy: it won’t prevent you from becoming HIV-positive, it won’t reduce the number of new infections and it contributes to an unacceptable caste system within our communities. This article first appeared in GMFA’s FS Magazine, which relies upon funding from the community.

Or maybe there’s still some lingering sense that people with HIV are unclean or unworthy? It’s a virus, it’s not a moral judgement or a matter of personal hygiene.

Sure you can find some guys with HIV who are, shall we say, socially generous, but you’ll find the same in the HIV-negative community. It’s a pretty poor state of affairs if you think the stigma is going to rub off on you – surely that’s a just call for us all, whether we are HIV-positive or negative to work together to challenge stigma?

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What’s important to remember is that HIV/AIDS is actually not the thing that determines whether a relationship will work between two people, especially if there’s a strong foundation in place.