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A former Canadian defense minister has declared on Russian TV that not only do aliens already walk amongst us but they are refusing to share their advanced technologies until we change our warring and polluting ways.‘They are very concerned about that and that we might use it again, because the whole cosmos as a unity, and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again.’'We are clear-cutting forests and polluting our rivers and our lakes. Well, I'm looking for a real cool chick to get to know. I enjoy making money and spending time with friends and family. I'm a smart guy, I enjoy reading and doing puzzles like sudoku and crosswords. I usually make the right decisions but something happened and I kinda went off for a bit. I'm cool with kids so I don't mind if you have kids. I'm a Scorpio, a very physical person who enjoys intimacy.But I have goals and things that I'm striving to get done once I get parole. I'm from Calgary, Alberta where I still own my own house and have a construction company building houses. I'm a positive and outgoing man, creative and ambitious and I'm fun to talk to. I'm trying to create a new life for myself and change it in positive ways.

If you would like to get to know me more and you are interested, please contact me. Hello and thank you to all who are viewing my profile.

When inspired I enjoy drawing and creative writing. If I tell you anymore there won't be any mysteries about me left to share. I'm into 70's and 80's music however, music is music and if it's good I'm in. I've been in prison for about 24 years and over time I've lost contact with friends and family. My name is Ben and I'm into long walks on the beach and watching chick flicks. I hope to relocate to Toronto or Montreal once I'm released to attend university for musical production engineering. I like camping, dirt biking, boating, skiing, go carting, going to the lake and enjoying a nice fire with some drinks. I need to exercise every day due to me being a really energetic person. Laughter is one medicine I prescribe to myself and others. I read a lot, I love history (non-fiction) type of books but I will bang-out sci-fi books with no problem. I don't judge a book by its cover because inside there is a story. I grew up in Winnipeg, MB but I'm thinking of staying in Edmonton, AB.

I currently have no one to write or call and find it very lonely and boring at times. So if you are bored and lonely, grab a pen and drop me a few lines and introduce yourself. I like to go to the gym, live a healthy lifestyle and spend time making music. I'm joining this website to find a pen pal, female companion that is somewhat local but it's not mandatory. In custody I like to read, workout and play lots of sports. I like a girl who can get dolled up like a princess but also likes to get dirty. I believe and follow my Native ways and teachings all my life. It's not about how it began or how it is now, it's how it's going to end. I can't stand arrogance and racism and I'm sick of the Kardashians (I hope I spelled that wrong! Well I guess that's about it, if you're interested, drop me some lines and I'll be happy to reply.

It was nice helping people get their lives back together from all of their losses after the fires. Hey, I'm 6'1", I stay fit and I have a couple of tattoo's. My passions include writing, acting, singing and boxing.

I'm looking for someone short in height, between the ages of 20 and 30 who is open minded, honest and not a game player. I'm into Business and trying to get my BA at University. I'm very open minded and would classify myself as spiritual.

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I'm a hard worker and put 100% into all that I'm passionate about, including love, life and friendships.

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