Dating for sad lonely people

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Dating for sad lonely people

But Goblin Drama would've been perfect if they chose a prettier main character.

well, its common if people like or not, agree or disagree.

Now I can say that I truly am not a fan of this writer's work, despite all the acclaim. Omg best drama ever it has everything, comedy , thrill, romance , fantasy , mystery , drama and more ... SPOILER ( well not really ) - for some reason there is nothing said about Yoo Duk Hwa in the end , what happened to him?

I'd been waiting for Kim Eun Sok's masterpieces as always. Descendants of the sun is one of her masterpiece that is provenly so amazing.

I always review this fantasy/romance over and over and over until it air in the Philippines, and watch again.

I am really a koreanobela adict, because there kissing scene has a KILIG factor, and you can really see the modesty, and the general audience. And to the STAFF, salute you all guys, keep up the good works.

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My sister in-law lent me (more of, convinced me) the memory stick for Goblin's teleseries. Watch it first time in feb 2018..i never feel like wanna watch it before.someday i got no drama to watch and accidentally watch cursed.just to attached to this drama..still cant get over it.... 1) World building, all characters had their moments and inner motivation. If only they could look past the catchy OST, ~aesthetics~, and the charming A-List cast (and their designer outfits), they'd see that this is was a badly written storyline for what could've been a very promising drama concept.

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