Dating for metalheads

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He was more into alternative rock, and I felt myself being pulled further away from the “scene”, into his world, and I realized that wasn’t what I wanted.

As time went on, we just spent less and less time together as my interests went in one direction and his in another.

“I never even contemplated dating a metal chick, because all the ones I met were scody.

One of my girlfriends said she ‘understood why I liked metal, but just couldn’t get into it.” A couple of them liked that I had long hair and seemed “dangerous”. She was totally different to those other girls; someone I never would have thought of dating if she hadn’t been wearing an Iron Maiden shirt.

Having dated (and married) a metalhead, I would never reconsider this decision (and it a conscious decision).

I have always been attracted to a certain personality in men – and those qualities were things I did not possess, qualities that complement my own personality.

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Recently, a lot of bands have been visiting my city, and I’ve spent tons of money on shows and tickets and t-shirts, and we stopped doing stuff as much as we used to, because I’ve been busy and broke and it’s pissing her off.

For example: Don’t feel left out, ladies — there are some righteous dudes on the site, too: Now, I admit: my initial assessment of the site may be unfair.

I think this is a subconscious decision on my behalf to choose people who will fill out the areas in which I lack.

My husband and I are very different: I am very frugal (sometimes to the point of ridiculousness), whereas he spends money as soon as he gets it, so together we create a (mostly) happy medium.

I am painfully shy and eternally optimistic, and he is very forthright and cynical, so we balance those aspects of each other’s personalities.

I am the person he needed to show him he can do more with his life than he ever imagined.

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