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Sometimes the system gets it right; the amount is fair and the child benefits properly from both the financial support and the regular presence of a man doing his best to take responsibility for bringing up his child.

These clear-cut instances are not the stuff of which a man’s nightmares are made of when he’s deciding whether or not he “likes it raw” with a partner. It’s the seedy underbelly, the worst case scenarios, the spirit-crushing vindictive nature of some women, combined with the random incompetence of the legal system that makes a brother wake up in a cold sweat with the voice of some ratchet echoing in his ears, endlessly dragging out his name like… ” “That ain’t even my NAME…” For an extreme example, there is the story of Francisco Rodriguez, a Florida man who in 2007 found out he owed over ,000 in back child support for a 15 year old daughter of whom he never knew; a monthly payment of 5 was established, putting an intense strain on his finances considering that he was now married with two daughters and a son from his wife’s previous marriage to care for; he even had to spend a night in jail over nonpayment.

My son’s mother (I refuse to use the term “baby mama”) and I are not together; the story of why is long and sordid enough for a column all its own, so I’ll spare you the details.

Suffice it to say that no relationship manifested, but she decided to have our child, whom we both love unconditionally.

Unfortunately, the courts determined that because he hadn’t had the test done ten years earlier, he was still on the hook for that car-note sized child support payment. Smith became a rights advocate, founding Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, and spearheaded the state of Georgia’s first paternity fraud legislation.

The mother stated that since he wasn’t the father she no longer wanted his money, but the court order still stood. “Paternity fraud.” The fact that such a phrase even EXISTS can make a man wish that the FDA would fast-track approval of this male birth control injection that’s been practiced in India for the last few years.

It is important that this sentiment is clearly stated and understood from the very beginning; if you are a man and do not yet have a son, there are no words that can accurately describe the feeling in its entirety.

It’s like looking into a funhouse mirror that allows me to see into my own past, when I was innocent and untainted by the many hard lessons life has taught me thus far.

Since DNA testing had become less expensive by that time, Smith decided to have one done. Cue the Maury Povich music and obligatory dance of exuberance.

A legal separation is similar to a divorce in that it will result in a binding court order, which outlines your rights and responsibilities.

This will include all issues with respect to your children, including parenting time and child support.

Paternity fraud isn’t the only issue that the child support institution has; sometimes the way it’s calculated simply isn’t fair.

Imagine that your ex ended up with custody of your two children in a divorce; you’re ordered to pay 0 per month in child support, but you only make ,000 annually (Editor’s Note: In 2010, the most recent census data available, the average American only made ,364 annually).

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As a progressive thinking male, I have a love/hate relationship with the institution.

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