Dating a man who pays child support Adult jump chatline

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Dating a man who pays child support

For me, these situations caricature the extreme difference between how men and women may view “child support.” From the male perspective, the institution MEANS well, but has the potential to fall well short of the intended goal of providing mandated financial assistance in the event that some sorry excuse for a man decides to shirk the responsibilities that come with being irresponsible about whom he decides to “repaint the interior of”.I won’t seek to expound upon the female perspective, but let’s just say it’s rather telling that a woman wouldn’t even show up with her child to help absolve responsibility for the man whose life she financially ruined.Just ask Frank Hatley, a 50 year old homeless man who in 2009 was released from jail after a YEAR due to failure to make child support payments on a child that was proved wasn’t his in 2000.

Imagine that your ex ended up with custody of your two children in a divorce; you’re ordered to pay 0 per month in child support, but you only make ,000 annually (Editor’s Note: In 2010, the most recent census data available, the average American only made ,364 annually).] daughter’s mother demanded an increase to around 00 per month.Since DNA testing had become less expensive by that time, Smith decided to have one done. Cue the Maury Povich music and obligatory dance of exuberance.It is important that this sentiment is clearly stated and understood from the very beginning; if you are a man and do not yet have a son, there are no words that can accurately describe the feeling in its entirety.It’s like looking into a funhouse mirror that allows me to see into my own past, when I was innocent and untainted by the many hard lessons life has taught me thus far.

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It was made clear from the “I’m pregnant and I’m keeping it” conversation that we would not be together, but I would be active in my child’s life and I wanted 50/50 custody.

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