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Consolidating ableton live

In Cubase they call it an "Audio Part" which then contains multiple audio files inside it._________________my industrial music made with Ableton Live (as DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER): dark jazz / noir music made with Ableton Live: When you consolidate clips, Live renders out the new clip with your default sample and bit rate settings from preferences.

If your preferences are set to a lower rate than the original clips then you will be loosing quality.

By adding variation, I mean pitch shifting, reversing, stretching, granular shifting or any of the other cool things you can do with audio clips in Ableton. Keep in mind that since the “re-sampling” track is listening to the post effects signal from your original track, you shouldn’t need to add effects to the “re-sample” track to get it to sound like the original.

For me this happens a lot with bass and drums, so I have both the original midi track plus an audio track dedicated to each instrument of the drums and one to the bass in my production template. This is a good way to include any sounds coming from the aux tracks as well, such as big reverb tails on a snare. You can also send a track to the “Re-sample” track directly by selecting the original track as your input (instead of the more general “resampling”) on the “Re-sampling” track, but be aware that it will only record the audio from that one track rather than the Master Bus, so Aux effects won’t be blended with the signal.

In this lesson I'm going to walk through another Ableton Live Set that we've been looking at for the last few sessions.

Do you lose any audio quality when consolidating audio clips?

For example, I have a two bar loop that I cut up and edit to make it fit and groove the way I want to, but then I consolidate it back into a two bar clip so it's easier to manage.

This version of the class contains all of parts 1, 2, and 3.

As a University Professor, my classes are sought after, and, frankly, expensive.

I believe Ableton Live can be learned by anyone, and cost shouldn't be a barrier.

Even recording automation in arrangement view gets lost when taking the clip into Session view. Enter “re-sampling” The way I am starting to work is to render all my midi tracks to audio tracks before the final mix, so creating an audio track with the input set to “re-sampling” facilitates bouncing any automated clip to audio. Click record on the “Resample” track It is important to think about where the sound comes from when you are re-sampling.

Before I re-sample an element I name the “Re-sample” track to whatever it will become, such as “Kick”. Now the “re-sampled” audio track can lay parallel to the original, allowing me to decide if I want to keep it that way or add variation. When it is set to “Re-sampling” it is capturing everything that is coming from the Master Bus, meaning the mix after effects, etc.

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The main sequencer window in Arrangement view is, if you have used another audio program, a familiar timeline-based layout.