Consolidating ableton live

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It is nice to have both an original track (unaffected) and a “re-sampled” track which has all the effects and automation applied to the actual audio. This is like “re-sampling” for audio clips, but it merges the disparate snippets into one small chunk pre-effects.I find that it is often necessary when doing extreme sample manipulation to consolidate the clip so that the new clip can be further stretched or pitch shifted.

For me this happens a lot with bass and drums, so I have both the original midi track plus an audio track dedicated to each instrument of the drums and one to the bass in my production template. This is a good way to include any sounds coming from the aux tracks as well, such as big reverb tails on a snare. You can also send a track to the “Re-sample” track directly by selecting the original track as your input (instead of the more general “resampling”) on the “Re-sampling” track, but be aware that it will only record the audio from that one track rather than the Master Bus, so Aux effects won’t be blended with the signal.This is a really deep class - tons of content, tricks, and tips.I'm giving you tons of complete sessions to play around with.If you're only doing it a few times per clip, I wouldn't worry about.I use consolidate all the time and really don't think it affects the overall quality of my songs at all.

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