Christian dating in poland

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Christian dating in poland

Unity, a new magazine appeared and new committees were formed and the conventions resumed.In 1950 many leaders of the Churches of Christ and other groups were arrested and charged with treachery and espionage. To strengthen the witness of the free churches in Poland many of the small groups joined together as the United Evangelical Church.Poland became a client state of the Soviet Union in 1944 and was renamed the People’s Republic of Poland in 1952.In 1989, Poland’s communist government was overthrown and Poland adopted a new constitution establishing itself as a democratic republic.

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Following the Second World War work in Poland resumed with new vigor.

A building was purchased and an office was established in Warsaw.

Stone-Campbell Presence In Poland an indigenous church movement developed led by Waclaw Zebrowski.

In 1913, Disciples from the United States visited him and his church in Warsaw, convinced many to be immersed, and formed a connection with the Stone-Campbell Movement.

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The Union of Churches of Christ merged with that effort in 1953.

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