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Biltmore watch dating

“I’ve only thought of getting married once,” says Locklear.

“I plan for this one to last.” Said the groom on his wedding day: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” While prenuptial revels included a lingerie-and-sex-toy shower for Locklear and a bachelor party with 15 bikinied mud wrestlers for Lee, the wedding was slightly more sedate.

All things to all men and a lot more to all women.” Aside from the usual complement of willing females, the group has attracted a reputation as a cadre of devil-worshipers whose riotous living and determined drinking rivals that of, say, Keith Richards in his prime.

Public scandals—including lead singer Vince Neil’s conviction last year for vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving (which cost him .7 million in financial restitution and resulted in five years’ probation)—have done nothing to curb their popularity with pubes-cents.

When Locklear, 24, and Lee, 23, plighted their troth in a lavish ceremony at the Santa Barbara Biltmore on May 10, it was the culmination of one of the more unusual courtships in celebdom—a white-lace-and-promises demonstration of the notion that opposites attract.

A self-described “rock pig,” Lee is the living incarnation of the naughty-boy ethic.

Scott Baio, Heather’s beau two years ago, was a fling of the past, as was actor Mark Harmon (who, after their entanglement, described Locklear as “an emotional cup of coffee”).

The stories about satanism didn’t trouble her—”Tommy doesn’t worship the devil, he worships me,” she laughs—and the commoner forms of hell-raising weren’t a threat.

“What those guys do on the road when I’m not around is all fine and dandy,” she says.

Nevertheless, she was discovered in another acting class by her current manager.

Never mind that she’s now in her fifth season of Dynasty, her fourth in T. Hooker, and her third as a high-paid spokeswoman for a chain of health clubs. With his sister, Athena, now 21, Tommy went to South Hills High School, where he eventually was expelled for refusing to attend any classes save coed volleyball and shop. He enrolled in every drum corps and marching band that would have him, and—after managing to graduate from Royal Oak High—bounced around L.

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