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Mc Dougle, who is African-American, said that during his residency at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton’s obstetrics unit, he once went to treat a woman in labor.

“The husband informed me that he didn’t want me taking care of his wife,” Mc Dougle said. What the father didn’t know was that out of all 12 interns, I had received the most obstetrical education as a medical student.”The survey also found that 65% of women doctors said they had experienced biased comments from their patients, including remarks about their age, weight or gender.

Later, the San Francisco-based California Music Channel hired her to host her own music countdown.Or they leave,” was aboard a Delta flight when another passenger had a medical emergency.She volunteered when a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board, but, she said in a Facebook post, she was dismissed when the flight attendant told her she was “looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you.”Cross, who is black, said her offer to help was initially passed over while a white man, who said he was also a doctor, was immediately brought in to assist with the medical emergency.Brand new Herman Miller chairs in the conference room?Is everyone moving in slow motion or is there a palpable buzz?

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Mai went on to become an entertainment reporter and producer of the WB's The Daily Mixx.

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