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There are also besides this 25,000 in Oklahoma, probably another 10,000 full bloods now living in Texas and California.

There is a large body of Cherokees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The above migrations are not the first migrations out of the Oklahoma area.

There were two other areas to which individual Cherokees migrated in past years.

In 1838 most of these Cherokees were removed to the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

A few families escaped the removal in scattered areas of northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama.

Language use varies in diferent parts of the the reservation.

These 15,000 people are traditional, conservative Cherokee speakers of predominately Indian ancestry.

This above population is, by and large, all the Cherokee Indians who have a connection to the legal Cherokee tribe now living in the eastern United States.

The other large body of Indians that are legal Cherokees live in eastern Oklahoma.

But insofar as the spectrum of Indians in the United States goes, all the North carolina Cherokees are fairly conservative and traditonal Indians.

Besides this group of legal Cherokees in North Carolina there is also a category of people who are descendants of the Cherokee Indians who were left behind after the removal in northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama.

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One is a group which lives in North Carolina still within the original Cherokee country; on the Qualla Reservation around Cherokee, North Carolina and further west about 50 miles in a small community near Robinsville, North Carolina.