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I say majority because I still recommend refrigerating it for an hour or two at the very end before serving.But, unlike other chocolate layer dessert recipes, at least you don’t have to wait between layers.It’s special, it’s chocolate, and you won’t have to come up with an alternate name like I did.Now, I already fixed the majority of the first problem with layered low carb desserts – the waiting!

)The older version required making chocolate pudding using xanthan gum, and waiting hours for it to set. I’m adding it back in, so you can decide which version you want.😉Best of all, none of my extended family could tell the difference when I served it. (Yes, I served a dessert called “sex in a pan” for family.I’ll get to how that went in a minute.)An easy sex in a pan recipe is a challenge when you are trying to keep it to real food ingredients and somewhat healthy.The older version takes longer and sometimes people have issues with thickening, but tastes more like pudding when you get it right.The newer version is faster but more like a chocolate whipped cream layer.

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